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Vision Statement:

We feel multi-media artistic expression is one of the most powerful means for healing on both individual and community based levels. We are inspired to invest our creative energy in projects that bridge people of different backgrounds and generations into a common experience of connection and empowerment. In recognition of our past, gratitude for the present, and mindfulness for the future, we are interested in extending these works to people of all ages. We are the keepers of the present with responsibility to our children, as well as our elders, to honor the precious gifts that have been offered, and also have yet to be witnessed.

Activism at the core of this collective, we are celebrating the continuous weaving of our art into community-based projects, mostly through educational forums. We have recently visited schools from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, and we just completed a longer- term project with an alternative arts school called Nonesuch (
Please check out the outreach photo album to learn more.

The Goddess Alchemy Project

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