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We are excited to present the Co.Laboratory section in honor of the many amazing people and organizations with whom we co-create. From live performance to music production and poetics, cutting edge design and visionary arts, each of these people contributes to the realization of our collective dreams. Our endeavors would not be possible without the incredible gifts brought forth by our collaborators, who deeply enrich and enliven all that we do. This section of the site is to acknowledge the inspiration and support we receive from our allies, and to offer you the opportunity to learn more about them and how you can get in contact with them directly.

Musical Alchemists behind the scenes ~
On production:

San Francisco based producer Mezmetic is no stranger to music. Since age 10 he has dedicated himself to learning the discipline of music and production. His armory of instruments includes classical guitar, fret-less bass, keyboards, MPC, turntables, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, didgeridoo, hand drums and even sitar.  Founder of Sevyn Layerz Deep StudioZ (, Mezmetic has worked closely with Goddess Alchemy Project from making some of their beats and recording their vocals to mixing their album. He can be heard on the Goddess Alchemy Project's latest release as well as on his album "Secrets of the Stingray Style" which is available at

Tony Dee

Tony Dee was raised on an Intentional Commune, called 'The Farm,' where he learned a deep respect for the land and community. He also spent three years of his childhood in Jamaica where his family was involved in a Third World Outreach Program. Thru this experience he learned the language and culture of the Jamaican people, while at the same time gaining a profound respect for ALL PEOPLE. Sharing music and connecting with fellow human beings are this artists greatest joys.
In Tony’s words:
Politically Conscious Hip Hop/Reggae/Dancehall Music For The People!! I am a Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Producer. My life has been shaped by the fact that 1. I am pretty much a hippie kid all grown up. 2. I spent three years in Jamaica as a hippie kid. 3. I started playing music in Jamaica as a hippie kid. I believe in people power and still have the idealistic view that we can change this world for the better...together. Check my music out at: I want to help change this world... and so, I write music.


DJ Knowone is a producer and DJ tappin’ into the genres of Hip Hop, Breakbeats, Dubstep, Reggae and Drum and Bass. His original tracks are a fusion of all of these styles and many more, with influences from all over the world, ethnic and tribal beats layered with cutting edge synthesis and electronics. Knowone is an experimentalist, always trying new combinations, rhythms and vibrations, and pushing the limits of style and format.

Daniel Narayan Meyers, a.k.a MC Danny D

Born in San Francisco 1978, Daniel realized at very young age that he MUST BUST CREATIONS, so he never stopped. Today Daniel owns and operates a music, art and fashion company called Must Bust Creations ( Beat production, recording, Illustration, emceeing, painting, (fine art) and one-of-a-kind hand painted clothing design are Must Bust's specialties. The consistent goal of his work is to channel cosmic truth from the infinite omnipresent pulse of the divine light; to be a vehicle for beauty and beneficial change here on earth, and in the ever expanding hearts of all living beings.
Infinite love
I must bust!

On Stage and Beyond:

Aima Paule

Aima was born in Chicago and spent most of her developing years in Maui, Hawaii. From the time she was 13, Aima honed her microphone skills from being a singular young woman amongst the male-dominated world of Hip Hop. It was never an easy struggle. Aima chose not to identify with false positions and negative roles assigned to women in Hip Hop. She refused to embrace ignorant notions of misogyny and rising attitudes of violence toward women. She began performing in theater groups, spoken word open mics, and local Hip Hop cyphers which lead her to acquire a wide genre of lyrical skills including spoken word, emcee, freestyle, and improvisation. Within her content is clearly articulated style, tangible yet fluid subtext, all backed by themes that are at once therapeutic while projecting inspiration that soothes the heart and satisfies the soul. Aima has played on the same stages with such artists as J Boogie, Lady Bug Mecca, Zion I, Jen Ro, Aya de Leon, DJ Vadim just to name a few. Aima contributes to the evolution of Hip Hop by re-defining the delivery and the sound, as she takes posession of the stage and the microphone with a cool fluid grace. She is versatile blending social, political, and emotional topics with all types of music from Hip Hop and trip hop, dance hall and drum & bass, to electro and house. Her upcoming projects include the release of the Mamaz album " The Birth." Mamaz includes Aima and Persia in a dynamic tag team duo bringing fierce feminine medicine to Hip Hop.

Taylor Maiden Space

Taylor Maiden Space is an archaic scribe, a linguistic seamstress weaving together new patterns of thoughts for all to muse upon, a word smith compounding the ionic metals of separate realities together to create sculptures of sound and visual imagery.


Lynx, an innovative singer songwriter who was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, has been playing music and performing since the age of 7. Now at the age of 22, she has been breaking new ground on the live music scene.
Her style consists of an eclectic blend of folk music, hip-hop and electronica. Her talents include guitar playing, singing, rhyming, live looping and outrageous beat-boxing woven with strong messages that deal with world issues today, including climate change and social justice.
Lynx has already spread her style of folky hip-hop and live looping technology from Washington State to So-Cal, the Colorado Rockies to Hawaii. She has jammed with and opened for acts like THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, MATISYAHU, KAN'NAL, HAMSA LILA, GODDESS ALCHEMY PROJECT, ZILLA, BASSNECTAR, KID BEYOND, THAT 1 GUY and more.
With her debut release ‘Grain of Sand’, this one-woman show is destined to reach the ears and hearts of music lovers world wide.

Yaquelin LaPorte

Yaquelin LaPorte is a culturally innovative artist hailing from Havana, Cuba, from a neighborhood called Jesus Maria. Her completely natural and charismatic talent as an actress and vocalist was recognized by her community at a very young age, and supported her to pursue and cultivate her skills beginning at age 13. At 13 she began studying with a director of contemporary theater, when she discovered at 15 her strength as a vocalist, and began channeling her passion and love for music as a singer. She sang with a reggae band in Cuba called “Paso Adelante,” and also was fascinated by the many styles of traditional Cuban music i.e.; la trova, el bolero, and la rumba. As Yaquelin was exposed to more international music, her style expanded as she began integrating myriad flavors and styles into her own, including African, Latin, Asian, and gypsy, to name a few. She draws influence from a spectrum of artists including Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and many other Cuban and international artists. Since her arrival in the U.S. in 2005, she has worked with many artists and musicians, including the Afrobeat band Aphrodesia, as well as the all female hip-hop world fusion crew Goddess Alchemy Project.

Daniella Magdalene

When it comes to music for Daniella Magdalene, the single most important thing for her is to be Creating from a place of Love. Music is an opportunity for her to give a peaceful vibration to the World. A singer hailin’ from the deep South, she began singing in Church, only to translate the harmonies she learned there into her love for spoken word hip hop culture. She has collaborated with the bay area’s all female Hip HOP crew Goddess Alchemy Project live as well as in the studio on the track "Secrets"... She currently is working on music with Nor cal Producer Releece with whom she debuted opening for Goddess Alchemy Project and the Bay areas very own hip hop vet, Mystic. She resides in Northern California where she continues to work on her solo project in collaboration with Reece set for future releece...

Krudas Cubensi

Krudas Cubensi is a collective of women; a tribe who believes in woman’s actions as a central part of World change “ That is very much needed.” Krudas Cubensi are three artists who work in varied mediums, through Hip Hop; Visual Art; Street Theater and Poetry. From La Havana, Cuba, the group is composed by two sisters Odaymara y Odalys Cuesta and Olivia Prendes. They were the original founders of “Agrupación de Creación Alternativa Cubensi” in 1996 and then in 1999 they formed the Hip Hop group Krudas Cubensi. Internationally recognized Krudas Cubensi has performed in spaces such as Teatro Nacional de Cuba, Cine Teatro Guaso ,Teatro Acapulco, Anfiteatro Almendares, Teatro America, Anfiteatro de Alamar in Cuba ; Canopy Club, Blueberry Hill, Blue Note, Knickerbockers, Granada Theatre, Waiting Room ,House of Blue Theatre ,Women Building, Galeria de la Raza , La Peña Cultural Center, Picador Theatre ; Majestic Theatre; Pabst Theater & Blind Pig ,S.O.B.s (NY) and more in US. In addition, they have collaborated in various art projects and have performed with artists such as Sekou Sundiata (e.p.d); Herencia Reggae Band , Obsesion , Anonimo Consejo, Paisanos, Hermanos de Causa , Paso Firme. D’bi Young y Omegas Kilay. Aya de Leon; Goddess Alchemy Project; Common; La Bruja; Patty Duke; Rebeldiaz; Climbing Poetree; Bronouwt ;Dj P.O.W; Sevilla del Mazo; Buscando el Monte; Antibalas Orchestra (2006 Spring Tour) & many more. "For good people, for the women of the world and peace and our mothers; For the resistance by matriarchal cultures , matriarchal reserves ,matriarchal customs, and to continue the eternal struggle for a life in balance"…Olivia Prendes. "There‘ s not real revolution without women"…Odaymara Cuesta.

Ilen Young

Ilen is a singer, songwriter, MC, actress, and dancer with the intention of creating & performing conscious, accessible, healing, & progressive music, theatre & media. She is a seasoned entertainer that has performed in many theatre productions in Seattle & Off Broadway, NYC.(5th Avenue Theatre; Rocky Horror Show, Hair, Wonderful Town. Village Theatre; Oliver, Pippin, West Side Story, The Tudor. Seattle Children's Theatre; Mr. Popper's Penguins. Producer's Club NYC; Beginnings, The Kid Who Played the Palace.) She has appeared on national & international television (Passions NBC,
Praise the Lord TBN, & Connects KCTS).  She has performed with Chaka Khan, Peter Cetera (lead singer of Chicago), Howard McCrary,  The McCrarys, JahSun, Ras Attitude, The Goddess Alchemy Project, Living Alliance of Love, & many other bands in Washington & California. She has written over 50 songs, some of which can be heard at Ilen is most well known for her angelic voice, which she is honored to share with the Goddess Alchemy Project.


Dedicated to the path of self-realization as a key to cultural evolution, Isis Indriya's multi-faceted work brings holistic and initiatory practices into a dynamic and accessible forum.  With degrees from the Body Mind Academy and the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, Isis has incorporated her studies of esoteric systems, transpersonal healing, and performance arts into her work as an event producer, workshop facilitator, director, performer, and fashion designer. 
Isis is the co-founder and artistic director for the Oracle Gatherings, a legendary Seattle based ritual event series consisting of 23 linked events. Isis has performed, taught, and produced all over the world from Japan to Australia, Bali to New York, Canada and the entire West Coast of North America. She has participated in countless major festivals including Glade (UK), Shambhala (BC), Horning's Hideout (OR), Burning Man (NV) and CoSM (NYC). She is an accomplished costume and fashion designer as well as lead designer for 2 Bali based clothing companies Al.kem.y Designz and Buddhaful. Isis is deeply inspired to continue evolving the past 7 years of ritual theater, fashion, and production work in the offerings of Moirae and the Bohemian Revolue.


Sasha Rose has been performing for over a decade creating lush landscapes of sound through her voice and original approach to music. She started out as an acoustic musician, and through the years has explored many genres and musical styles. She has played most of the festivals down the west-coast,and toured in Europe, Australia, and Hawaii. She spent many years in a group called the Freedom Tribe, and then went on to create her own band, the Sasha Butterfly band. She also toured with Hamsalila, Zilla, the Funginears, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Jah Levi, Pezident Brown, and many other inspired artists through the years.

Eve Bradford: Lady Apples

Eve Bradford is a writer, interdisciplinary artist and whole system curator; utilizing extensive studies in art, language, performance, cultural theory, spiritual practice and permaculture to create events, performances, workshops and environments. Her work exists in the liminal space between activism and prayer, science and art, chaos and structure. Eve is dedicated to the revitalization of language as a sacred tool of culture crafting and to art's rightful place as an integral part of any sustainable system.
Eve has done production, performance and teaching at Glade Festival (UK), Shambhala Festival (BC), Burning Man (US), Symbiosis Festival (US), Oregon Country Fair (US), Alex Grey's CoSM (NYC) and many more. She is the producer of the Synergenesis visionary culture events, a performing member of the Funginears and the program director for Nectar Temple international festival environment. She is the co-author of a series of art culture catalogues with Delvin Solkinson and facilitates the Serpent Path workshops with Isis Indriya. She has taught writing and creative practice free lance and at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies (Rhinebeck, NY) and City Repair’s Village Building Convergence (Portland, OR).
Eve holds a BA in Art and Culture from the Gallatin Division of Individualized Study at NYU and an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts.


Raven is a representative of creative force opening the limitless possibilities of imagination with her dynamic channel. Starting this path with a fine gift for stitches and unique design, she began opening a realm to merge her skills with many talents of her tribe. She fuses clothing and costume design (WE-ar'able Art) with music, dance, visual art and ritual theatre to co-produce multi-media events that weave cultural myth of past, present and future. Her most recent works include a one of a kind line of clothing named, 'Bitchin Pixen'-2006, and 'MoJo/Sloquik'-2007 Raven has co-Produced an international Prayerformance created in Bali and performed at the Soul-Clypse gathering in Turkey Named, 'Awaken the Dream' and 'Journey', based on the journey of the fool through the pathways of the Tree of Life, performed at Shambhala Music Festival in Canada and Synergenesis in San Fransisco.

Ms Tafyah, a.k.a. Ylem

- this dancer, poet, artist, femcee, model, world
traveler be busting revolutionary lyrical moves and keeping it spicy. Mistress of many trades, she was born with a creative soul and she gives thanks for the cultivation she received by her family, which is full of gifted artists. As a youth she was nourished by the gospel singin’ church culture of Asheville, North Carolina, and she been bringing it to the streets of the south since age 16 when she started MC'ing and promoting her own open mic. From there she was given her first opportunities to record and perform as a spoken word artist by DJ Knowone. Pulled to California in search of some bay area action, she had the honor of working with Goddess Alkemy Project, and busting into the guerilla poetry movement. Heavily influenced by hip hop, reggae, and latin culture, she has worked with youth and produced dozens of off the chain goddess-centered events and community fundraisers through her productions company Gaia Resurrect. She is currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has plans to record a Hip hop album in 2009.

Climbing Poetree

Climbing Poetree is the expression of a growing movement for radical social change. Poets, performers, print-makers, dancers, muralists, and designers, Alixa and Naima have sharpened their art as a tool for popular education, community organizing, and personal transformation. With roots in Haiti and Colombia, Alixa and Naima reside in Brooklyn and track footprints accross the country and globe on a mission to overcome destruction with creativity.

Audette Sophia

Audette Sophia is a poetess, performer, and educator.
She has a B.A. in Integrative Arts and an extensive background
in multi-disciplinary performance. Her mission is to catalyze creative personal
empowerment and cultural evolution through the arts.
She is also a certified coach and creator of Catalyst Arts,
a conscious arts & media pro-motion web site and creative life design practice.


Cleverly disguised as a literacy teacher by day, A.P.O.S.T.L.E. transforms into a lyrical superhero for justice by night. His super powers include, a dynamic wordplay and vocabulary which he uses to masterfully conquer social issues, mass media, corrupt politicians, and sucka emcees all in a single bound. By joining forces with fellow superhero DJ Quest, this dynamic duo's live performance is easily the most powerful Hip Hop stage show in the universe.

The new Album, Lyrical Activism features DJ Quest (Bulletproof Space Travelers), Viveca Hawkins, and fellow Heavyweight Dub Champion member Stero Lion. Lyrical Activism was co produced by legendary producer Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Consolidated, MC 900 ft Jesus). The electro-dub-hop sound-scape is the perfect surface for A.P.O.S.T.L.E.'s intensity. He's created a lyrical force field where materialism, misogyny and nonsense rhymes cannot penetrate. By contrast to the norm, listeners become engaged, informed and inspired. This leaves A.P.O.S.T.L.E. as the last man standing above a sea of mediocrity in a dying genre.

With an extensive tour history around the US in festivals and clubs with his former band Heavyweight Dub Champion, this soldier has earned his stripes as a live show veteran. He has additionally cultivated undeniable name recognition in his hometown of Denver CO. for his work as a grassroots community activist, performance poet, ghostwriter, and performer. Recently A.P.O.S.T.L.E. relocated to the Bay Area to combine all of these efforts into one project. Lyrical Activism is his definitive work that will definitely be an underground classic.

A superhero's work is never done. There will always be crowds to rock, microphones to rip and injustice to address. Whether it be the clubs, parties, festivals, lecture halls, classrooms or street corners A.P.O.S.T.L.E. will be there. He has stepped up to answer the call of the masses of Hip Hop fans who are eager for change. We have waited long enough, the time has now come.

MC SoulEye

Bridging gaps between hip hop, drum & bass, electronica and funk, Souleye has emerged as one of the most sought-after MCs in the live music and dance club scenes. Since winning a Relix magazine artist spot on Jam Cruise in 2006, Souleye has collaborated with such artists as The String Cheese Incident, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Glitch Mob and Bassnectar. His completely improvisational lyrics allow audiences to engage in the creation and collective energy of the music. This freestyle, conscious wordsmith also creates a fresh fusion of written songs, recorded on five albums in six years, including his 2006 release Intergalactic Vibes and his upcoming release Balance in Babylon. Eschewing foul lyrics, Souleye is nonetheless a force onstage, creating a live experience of sound and spirit that has made him a hit with crowds all over the U.S. as well as at festivals such as Coachella, 10,000 Lakes, Wakarusa and Joshua Tree Music Festival. Souleye's partnership with BLVD is a natural convergence of two unique yet like-minded styles, and continues to earn these four talented artists even greater recognition and devoted fans of many diverse musical tastes.

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